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The Specialized Teeth Straightening Treatment


Clear and Tooth-Colored Aligners
Avance Dental – Dubai is a specialized Dental Clinic to provide cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry procedures called Short Term Orthodontics:

6 Month Smiles
This procedure will align your teeth within 6 to 9 months. Moreover, our teeth-colored braces ensure that there are no-unsightly wires to cope with.

The Inman Aligner
This state-of-the-art concept transforms protruding or crowded teeth within weeks!

Invisible Aligners
This Aligners / Braces Straightens your teeths using a series of nearly clear, removable aligners / braces that are custom – made specifically for your teeths.

Invisible Aligners, is all new virtually clear teeth straightening dental braces that is used by our highly specialized orthodontists to treat your teeth which may be Crowded, Crooked, or with gaps. the Invisible Braces orthodontics treatment is so special as it is very clear, detachable and very comfortable, so it doesn’t interfere with your life presence as the traditional braces do. With over millions of people worldwide, You too can have teeth straightening Aligners the invisible way and have more reasons to smile. As this revolutionary treatment of Invisible Aligners can help get your teeth straight, and even a better bite, solves overcrowding and gaps between your teeth.

Invisible Aligners – The Specialized Teeth Straightening Treatment

This Treatment takes usually around 6 to 12 months, or as co-ordinated by your doctor. The teeth straightening process works as much the similar way the conventional metal braces offers adaptable solutions. Avance Dental – Invisible Aligners as a specialized dental practice near Deira City Centre, Deira and IBN Battuta Gate in Dubai with a highly-experienced orthodontists, can get your Invisible Braces treatment started in no time with a personalised treatment.

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We utilize the best standards in sterilization. The water used in our dental lines is distilled water. All instruments are auto-claved in special sealed sterilization pouches, and opened just prior to treatment.

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We work to your schedule and convenience, which is why we have extended weekday and weekend opening hours. You are welcome to walk-in for urgent medical attention in case of a dental emergency. We always make sure to promptly attend patients to ensure minimal waiting time.

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We are located just outside Deira City Centre Metro Station and IBN Battyuta Gate. A clean & sophisticated modern dental practice with spacious waiting lounge and operator bathed with natural light and soothing interiors.

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