The Most Affordable Metal, Ceramic and Lingual Braces

Dental Braces, Starts at AED 999 only

The Best in Class and Most affordable in Dubai – Metal, Ceramic and Lingual Braces with peace-of-mind warranty, Guaranteed with full satisfaction for your teeth straightening treatments.

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If you looking for Teeth Straightening or Dental Braces in Dubai; Avance Dental Clinic is conveniently located close to Deira City Center and IBN Battuta Gate in Dubai, offering high quality teeth straightening treatments using Braces and cosmetic dentistry. Braces have become popular among youngsters who are looking to improve their smile. Grab the Most Affordable Dental Braces, at Just AED 999 only at Avance Dental Clinic in Dubai.

Lingual Braces at Avance Dental

The Inside Brackets


Lingual braces are the same traditional / metal braces, just that the brackets and wires are fixed to the inner part of your teeth, which does not looks in the front.

Ceramic Braces

The Clear Alternatives


The Clear Alternatives – Ceramic braces are of same size and shape as of metal braces, but they are similar to the tooth-color / clear brackets. we also use tooth-colored wires to make even unnoticeable.

Brace at Avance Dental

Traditional Brackets


Metal Braces are the traditional brackets and wires the common braces available. However, the new brackets / braces are smaller and not very noticeable than the metal braces. With, new technology of heat activated archwires uses the body heat to align teeth more faster and with less pain.

avance braces

We look forward to provide you with the highest quality using the up-to-date skills and the latest equipment and materials. With peace-of-mind warranty for Braces treatments which guarantees that we will straighten your teeth with full satisfaction.

Avance Dental Clinic offers 4 different options depending on your needs. We use traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces and Invisible Aligners / Clear Braces.

Many adults now look for Braces to improve their appearance, confidence and mouth hygiene. Now, orthodontics using the latest technologies have allowed us with a subtle and comfortable way to straightening their teeth.

So what are the options available to you? Well, there are a couple of different options depending on your needs. A traditional brace is no longer done with metal but a white ceramic that is made to blend with your teeth. Our invisible braces for adults are just that, made to look as clear and unnoticeable as possible.

How we do it?


We Care About You


We utilize the best standards in sterilization. The water used in our dental lines is distilled water. All instruments are auto-claved in special sealed sterilization pouches, and opened just prior to treatment.

Medical Advices


We work to your schedule and convenience, which is why we have extended weekday and weekend opening hours. You are welcome to walk-in for urgent medical attention in case of a dental emergency. We always make sure to promptly attend patients to ensure minimal waiting time.

Medical Services


We are located just outside Deira City Centre Metro Station and IBN Battyuta Gate. A clean & sophisticated modern dental practice with spacious waiting lounge and operator bathed with natural light and soothing interiors.

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